We welcome members of the Puerto Rican community from all over the world whom feel solidarity towards the people on the island being affected by the economic crisis and the recently founded Oversight Board, that will govern undemocratically. Hundreds of Puerto Ricans are leaving the island daily in search of employment and new opportunities. This is due to an all time low in unemployment along with extreme austerity measures that are strangling the people on the island.

We appreciate your attention to our resistance and appreciate the support. It is important to state that everyone who stands against the P.R.O.M.E.S.A. bill and understands the struggle of the average puerto rican is an active member of our resistance. We want to hear your opinions and proposals but most of all we want you to feel welcome in our movement. We dedicate this space to you and hope to include more information about different organizations in your area to organize our resistance outside of the island.

Here is a petition to be shared with all your contacts!!!! https://www.causes.com/campaigns/103601-derogate-the-p-r-o-m-e-s-a-bill-that-violates-human-rights